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About The Reveal

Here’s the truth. We all want in. Really in.


Huge mistakes in. Therapist’s couch in. Shaky voices in. Rushing our child to the ER in stand-still traffic in. Rock-bottom in.


We relish seeing the authentic, personal side of athletes and actors. It’s comforting and empowering to realize day to day they’re running into barriers just like we are.


But when it comes to our business role models, where’s the IN we’re desperately craving? It’s not found on conference stages or in any magazine. It’s been stuck behind a façade of perfection.


Until now.


The Reveal is inspirational, raw content designed to crack our business culture wide open. It’s these unexpected, intimate stories from the trenches that unleash in us the resilience and compassion we’ve always known exists deep within us.

Join us as high-profile business leaders share how they transformed personal lows into catalysts for professional highs. Hear what they endured and overcame, the coping mechanisms inside and out of the office, their pivotal decision-making moments, who and what gave them hope, and what contributed to their triumph.


From addiction to depression to rejection, these inspiring and educational stories will give you the fuel you need to thrive in the face of your own obstacles.


We’re building a soulful community that starts with transparency.


And we’re so glad you’re here to become a part of it.

About Rebecca Watson

I’m no stranger to the hot seat.


At twelve years old, I pitched in the Little League World Series, at 18 played Division I college tennis, at 22 worked in investment banking, and since then have been on management teams building media and tech startups. I used to pride myself on my tough outer shell. I thought, “Work hard, exceed expectations, get noticed and one day, surely I’ll become CEO.”


But while I was running the rat race, inside, I’ve always been tender hearted. Especially in the face of others’ suffering.


Every Sunday, my pastor’s words rang through my soul:


“None of us has or will have a perfect life. Not one of us.”


The rock bottom moment for me was having a miscarriage the day before I was slotted to speak in front of 250 people.

I couldn’t tell my all-male colleagues (how could they relate?), and I didn’t want to let my company down (we needed this exposure!). So I held it all in, gave the speech, and wept through the five hour flight back to San Francisco.


Not long after, my sister was diagnosed with cancer and then my husband with a chronic illness.


Most days, I could put on a happy face at work, but felt like I wanted to quit in order to focus on taking care of my loved ones.


My husband encouraged me to do whatever would make me happy, but I hung on to prove I was resilient and driven enough to ascend to the C-suite.


My story is not the exception.


We’ll grin and bear it through our darkest, most debilitating days at work. While we’re hanging on by a thread in the bathroom stall, we’re losing connection and not fooling one damn person while we’re doing it.


Guys, we’re all in the same boat. And we’re getting more and more seasick.

When our upper-most leadership can say, “I understand” ...well, then we’ll know we’re really going places.

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